Handy Digital Voice Recorder

by Liam

Digital Voice Recorder
This is a really neat gadget which can help bring note-to-self’s into the new digital era. This digital voice recorder is shaped like a remote but can hold large amounts of audio which help you organize your life or keep track of conversations.

If you find that you are often forgetting things but don’t like notepads as they’re too old-fashioned and time-consuming for you, then maybe the way to go is digital voice! It’s great as you can record separate files of clips which makes it so much easier than analog recorders. It’s also much more versatile so you can transfer your recorded between any digital devices such as computers or MP3 players. You can even put your recorded bits of audio into two separate folders to better organize your life.

If you also want to easily take your phone messages with you there is an included phone attachment which allows you to transfer messages straight from your answering machine to the voice recorder. You can save up to 198 different clips and easily navigate through them with the standard controls on the device which rather resemble a remote.

Models with storage of 4, 8 and even 16 hours of audio are available so you could most likely keep all of the messages you would ever need on this gadget with room to spare! You can pick yours up for £24.95, £34.95, or £42.95 from Gizoo.

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