Wacky Golf Ball Set

by Liam

Wacky Golf Ball Set
This is a really funny set of golf balls which would make a funny prank to play on the golfer that you know. Included in the set are four balls with hilarious side effects which are activated on impact.

Each ball looks completely normal on the outside and appears to be standard regulation size. There is of course the exploding ball which I’m sure we’ve all seen, however, it’s still incredibly funny to see someone hit it only to see the ball explode in front of their eyes! Next there is a golf ball that actually does fly, however while in mid-air it releases a 15-foot long streamer which would probably confuse a lot of people.

If you want to just plain annoy people, the unpredictable ball would be perfect. The unpredictable ball wobbles all over the place as it rolls so I could imagine someone getting quite furious watching the ball rolling around the hole time after time.

Probably my favorite ball is the mist ball. When this ball is hit it instantly just fades into mist! I think that would be just hilarious to watch someone hit a ball that suddenly disappears before them!

If you’re the practical joker and would love to annoy a golfer or two, this set of golf balls would be great. You can pick up your pack at Thins You Never Knew Existed.

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