Light-up Bocce/Boules Balls

by Liam

Light-up Bocce/Boules Balls
In Europe the game is Boules while in North America the game is Bocce. Whatever you call it, it’s a great, fun game to play, however it’s not always that easy at night. That’s not a problem with these great light-up balls.

The game is quite simple to play. You begin by throwing the white jack ball wherever you want (the person who got points the last round throws) then you have to bowl the larger balls towards it, trying to get closer to the jack than anyone else.

This set includes the standard 8 balls, one jack, and even a tape measure which saves you from trying to measure in shoe-lengths which I usually end up doing ;). They’re great to use at night as they have an internal LED light which flashes on and off so you can always see where to throw.

If you don’t like the sun controlling when the game is over, then this light-up set of balls would be perfect for your outdoor fun. You can order yours for £24.95 from Gizoo.

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