by Liam

This is a really cool gadget. If you want the great functionality that comes with tablet PCs however you’re too cheap to fork out the cash for one or you’d rather stick with your desktop but want to be able to give writing-like input, the HyperPen is definitely for you!

The Aiptek HyperPen 12000 USB is an amazing USB gadget that gives you a writing or drawing surface so you can have your own virtual notepad. It would be perfect for things like creating artwork, virtual signatures, or retouching photos with the precision of a pen.

The pen is completely wireless and features full pressure recognition with 512 levels of pressure! This allows you to write just as if you were writing on regular paper as all your pressure points would be exact. You can even use it in place of a regular mouse if you want.

Included with the package is software for drawing, painting, freehand Internet communication and signature verification if you want an old-fashioned way to protect or verify documents.

The tablet also features 24 keys, 9 of which are fully customisable so you can do most of your basic tasks all directly from it. It measures 12″ x 9″ so you could easily slide it into a drawer when it’s not being used.

I think this would be a really handy gadget to have around your computer if you like to give your electronic tasks a more humanly feel. You can order yours for just £69.95 from the new Gizoo.

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