Ice Cream Maker

Icecream maker

When you think of two things that you need at parties, I’m sure games and ice cream are in your top 10, especially kid’s parties. That’s brings me to this gadget, it’s called the ‘Mega Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker’. It does exactly what is says on the box!

Put ice and rock salt in one end of the ball, add ice cream mix in the other end, and shake it! You can roll, pass, shake or dance with this thing while it makes ice cream. I just don’t know how this thing works but it does, and I’m interested to find out how, it’s magic. If that all sounds a bit complicated, you can make ice cream just by using cream, sugar and vanilla.

There are lots of different flavours to try and you can make up your own recipe. It’s made of durable polycarbonate and only weighs 3lbs when empty and 9lb when full.

Think of the possibilities of this maker. You can take it camping, picnics, boating, anywhere really! I think it would be ideal for a child’s birthday party; you could invent a fun game from the ball and show the kids the ice cream inside after they have finished! There parents won’t believe them when they go home and tell them ice cream came out of a ball!

Its only $39.95! It’s such a fun gadget for all the family, for all ages, its well worth it. I mean, everyone loves ice cream! Forgive me for saying but, it’s a pretty cool gadget!

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  1. We did something like that in Science class :P. Same idea using salt and ice because it lowers the freezing point of water so the cream kind of “puffs” out since it can’t freeze solid. Mine didn’t work though because I was too lazy to keep stirring it :).

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