The iFlip

The iFlip
Finally there’s an easy way to get your iPod’s videos onto a screen large enough for you to actually bother watching while still keeping it portable. The iFlip looks like a portable DVD player, however it easily docks an iPod right into the front of it so you can play your videos on a screen large enough to share with others.

It features an 8.4-inch LCD display and offers a native resolution of 480 x 234. It also has speakers in it so you don’t have to try to share ear-buds. If you do want to listen with headphones, however, there are 2 headphone jacks as well as S-video out and line-out jacks.

The iFlip is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will last for 5 hours of playback so you could easily watch a couple of movies from your iPod. The player has an onscreen menu for adjusting video settings such as brightness and contrast, however all video control is still done from your iPod.

It was designed for the 5th generation iPod, and will only work with them. The iFlip will be available in September of 2006 for about $200 and come in both black or white.

Found via TechEBlog

Liam’s Gadget of the Week
This is my last gadget post of the week so I’m going to announce my favorite gadget I wrote about this week. This week’s Liam’s Gadget of the Week is the Multiple Handset Cordless Phone System because it was a really neat and innovative product with a lot of cool features.