Scoop Free Automatic Cat Litter Box

Scoop Free Automatic Cat Litter Box
If you’re a cat owner but you’re too lazy to empty the litter box very often, there’s no more reason to have a smelly house! The Scoop Free Automatic Cat Litter Box is the gadget way of maintaining a clean litter box for your cat with minimal work!

With this amazing gadget you can leave your cat’s litter box for up to 30 days with no maintenance whatsoever. When the cat leaves the littler box the litter box sets a countdown to automatically sift out all the waste into a separate litter cartridge. It’s all done very quietly as well so you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night by the litter box.

You don’t even have to deal with the cartridge for 30 days either as it has special crystals in it which absorb all moisture and odour! The cartridge is also disposable so when you need to get rid of it you simply remove it and throw it away. The new cartridge is easily plugged into the side of the litter box.

Just in case your cat has to go back into the litter box soon after, it won’t begin to rake the litter until 20 minutes after the cat has left giving the special litter a chance to absorb moisture so mostly dry waste is stored in the cartridge.

This mess-saving gadget is available for $129.99 from Smart Home. Also available are extra cartridges, again from Smart Home.

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  1. The Scoop Free automatic litter box that I purchased from Countryside Pet Supply for $98.77 is well worth the money. My cat hated using the litter box if there was any mess in it. He would not use it. If I was not around during the day to scoop out his mess he went in my closet. A friend told me about the Scoop Free that she had purchased and that she loved it. I do not have to scoop any litter and each tray lasts a month. It is so simple to change the litter. All I have to do is lift up the raking part and put a new box underneath. That’s it! Quick, easy, painless and no mess or stink what-so-ever. The refills are like $15.00 but for $15.00 a month it is well worth only having to change the tray 1 time. This is the best gadget ever!!!! If you have a cat that does not like to use the box after they have used it once this is the product for you. My cat even waits beside the box for the 20 minutes it takes for the rake to turn on and watches the rake move the waste to another compartment where it can no longer be seen or smelled. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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