Solar-Powered Bird Bath

by Liam

Solar-Powered Bird Bath
This gadget would give a neat look to your yard, and would probably attract a lot of birds. The Solar-Powered Bird Bath is an elegant looking bird bath with a built in pump which is completely solar-powered!

You can do away with having dirty, neglected bird baths which attract nothing but insects. Since this bird bath has a built in pump, the water is constantly recirculating so it won’t lay stagnant for months on end and collect dirt.

The pump works very quietly, sucking water down from the bath and pushing it back up through the bottom to create a bubbling effect. You can also use the sprinkler attachment to have the water flow down from the center of the bird bath to create a nicer look. The water is also cleaned while it is being pumped as it is put through a filter.

There is absolutely no wiring involved as it is all solar-powered, so it has a very simple assembly. The bath is handmade Turkish brushed copper and stands on a wrought iron hand-forged base. The bath may develop a patina over time as it is copper, however it can be easily polished clean.

This nice addition to your garden is available for $159.95 from Hammacher.

Found via Red Ferret

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