Multiple Handset Cordless Phone System

5.8GHz Digital Cordless w/3 HandsetsLiam's Gadget of the Week
This is a really innovative idea which incorporates three handsets into one base so you can have your phones all over the house and not be held back by cords. There is one base which holds one phone at a time and it is the only part that needs to be connected to a phone line.

Although multiple handsets are a very great idea, these phones also have some other technology which is much more interesting than the average phone. First of all they operate at 5.8GHz which is much more powerful and clean than standard 2.4GHz cordless phones. This also means you’ll never have interference with WiFi connections in your house either.

Each phone has its own phone book and number memory so you don’t have to keep everything synchronized over the phones. Each phone can store 50 numbers in the phone book and the last 50 numbers from caller ID. The caller ID can be verbal as well if you want so there’s no more running over to your phone to see who’s calling just to not answer because you’re avoiding someone ;). The verbal caller ID has true text-to-speech technology so it is much less mechanical sounding than regular text-to-speech.

The base functions as a digital answering machine so you don’t have to have a separate device for messages. It can hold up to 64 messages totalling 15 minutes. It’s much more secure than some answering machines as well since it is stored in flash memory so you don’t lose your messages if the power goes out.

Since you have three phones you can also use the system as an intercom or conferencing network. The phones all feature speaker phones so you can use them hands free.

This high tech system of phones is available of course from Smart Home for $174.99. Also available from that product page is an additional fourth handset if you really need four cordless phones.

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