The Illuminated “Walit”

by Liam

If you tend to keep a lot of receipts or small notes in your wallet, this illuminated wallet may be for you. The cleverly named “Walit” is just as convenient to have around as a regular wallet, however it has a small light which allows you to see and read things in your wallet without having to taking everything out and probably losing something.

Inside the main compartment there is an electroluminescent strip which lights up. Electroluminescent lights are the same kind of lights that are usually used to light up cellphones or laptops.

The light is just powerful enough to allow you to see what you’re looking at without making out look odd with a spotlight beaming up from your wallet. The wallet itself features 3 card slots, 2 note compartments and a zipper pocket.

This handy wallet is available from Gadget Storm for £14.95.

Found via Oh Gizmo

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