Slide Lights

by Liam

Slide Lights
This is a really cool idea for a gadget if you like to display your photos and need some unobtrusive light to complete the mood of a room. Slide Lights allows you to fill a column of light with pictures which glow from the light behind them giving you some extra light as well as an interesting way to display your photos.

They’re very easy to use, as you simply slide the pictures into the slots. Your pictures must be taken with standard slide film which allows your pictures to be seen with the light. Also available are “slide sets” which include groups of colorful photographs ready to be put into your slide light.

Available are 3 different sizes of lights beginning at 2′ which can hold 13 slides, 4′ which can hold 25 slides and 6′ which can hold 36 slides. You can also put the slide lights horizontally if you want to lay the light on a table, shelf or just along the wall.

Slide lights range in price from £99.95 to £149.95 depending on which size you need and are available from Gadget Storm. Also available from Gadget Storm are Slide Sets.

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