LandRoller Skates

by Randal

LandRoller Skates My first pair of roller skates consisted of a metal frame that could be clamped on to any pair of shoes. The wheels were tiny and hard; any speck of dust not swept up from the driveway would send me sprawling to the cement, leaving a trail of skin and torn clothing. The brake was this rubber stopper thing on the toe which no one could use. My next pair was in-line, each skate had a ten pound boot made of inflexible plastic. A complicated system of locks and levers hermetically sealed each foot into the boots like some kind of medieval torture device. The brake was a rubber stopper on the heel which no one could use. After twenty minutes in them I was wincing with each stride and wiping away manly tears of pain – always in stoic silence because my wife would be happily gliding along beside me somehow immune. I haven’t owned any skates in years but the LandRoller skates will definitely be my next pair.

The LandRoller motto is “get out of line” which is appropriate because the unique design features two large wheels mounted at an angle on the outside of each shoe. The angle of the wheels allows for a much larger wheel while maintaining a low center of gravity. Because the wheels are larger the LandRollers can traverse terrain beyond paved sidewalks and specially made skate trails without pitching the user head over heels. The boot platform and rear support are made of molded plastic and the rest of the upper is tennis shoe material to hopefully lessen the old in-line skate experience of strapping tiny Iron Maidens to your feet. These skates could open up recreational skating to a much wider audience so let us all pray that LandRollers are never available at Wal-Mart and those tiny skate shorts from the 70’s never come back in style.

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TRCunning Says: July 26, 2006 at 10:07 am

I saw the “Dog Whisperer” wearing skates just like these on his show, but couldn’t find them on-line. Now I know what the are. Yea!

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