Introducing Apple’s New Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

Bluetooth Mighty MouseHot from the tech news wires – Apple is set to release a souped-up Bluetooth version of it’s Mighty Mouse pointing device. It’s predecessor, also named the Mighty Mouse, was Apple’s only multi-button mouse model. Not only that, the Mighty Mouse uses laser triangulation to accurately pinpoint your pointer’s location. Apple are claiming that the laser tracking is 20 times more sensitive than typical optical mice on the market. So, no more fighting your mechanical mouse-ball to click on your favourites!

For pure aesthetics, the Mighty Mouse’s casing is exactly what you’d expect of Apple – clean, pearlised plastic lines. The real beauty of Apple’s design however, is it’s clever enclosure of touch-sensitive sensors inside the mouse casing. Those clunky mouse buttons can be consigned to history.

Aimed squarely at mobile users, the Mighty Mouse can be programmed to carry out common user-defined tasks or commands. The Mighty Mouse is powered by a pair of AA batteries and can operate in a radius of up to 30 metres from your computer. The Mighty Mouse is set to retail at $69 and is available from the Apple Store and authorised Apple resellers.

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