Shocking Tanks

by Liam

Shocking Tanks
This sounds like a really fun game which could get very competitive! The shocking tanks game is a game of remote-controlled tanks equipped with infra-red cannons which when they hit the other tank give a quick shock to the person controlling the hit tank.

The tanks have two tracks and move just like real tanks. Each track can be controlled forward or back, and they are also powered by separate motors. You can control each motor with a separate control so you can make your tank pull sharp corners to avoid being hit.

The shells of the tanks are made of a special metal which allows the infra-red cannons to be registered no matter where they hit the tank. When the tank is it it makes sound effects as if it was actually struck and rocks back and forth.

The controllers are very well designed to make sure you get your shock each time you are hit. The shocks are delivered from metal strips, and it just so happens that these metal strips are also what you use to control your tank so unless you leave yourself as a sitting duck you’ll have to touch the strips. There are also wrist-straps attached to the controller so you don’t drop and break your control each time you get shocked!

On the top of each tank there are six lights. The goal of the game is to knock out all of your opponents lights.

There is also another thing you can decide. There are two settings on the controllers, high and low. The low setting allows you to only receive a normal shock, however when you successfully hit your opponent you only take out 1 light. If you have it set to high, though, you knock out 2 of your opponent’s lights per hit. The twist is, however that on the high setting you receive a very strong shock, so I guess you have to decide if a hard shock is worth beating your enemy!

I really like this gadget, and would like to give it a try. It is available for £29.99 from Gadget Box.

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Matt T Says: February 10, 2008 at 10:00 pm

I once bought a couple of these and had them shipped to the office. Within about five minutes of opening the box we started playing with it, and a coworker got zapped. He was wearing the wrist strap, but his arm jolted so quickly from the shock, the remote spun around his arm a few times, separated from the strap, and went flying into the wall behind him, busting the remote’s plastic shell. Since it was so new and because he was wearing the strap when it broke, I did get my money back, minus the shipping and handling costs.

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