SatuGO – Bouncing Digital Camera


SatuGo means ‘See, Aim, Throw, captUre and Go’.
This is probably something you have never seen before. It’s a digital camera that bounces when you throw it. Like a bouncey ball with eyes really. You can throw the camera into situations you don’t want to miss to capture the moment.

The camera automatically takes a 3 megapixel picture when it hits the ground. With the camera having a timer you can throw it in air to take pictures of heights. It even works as a funky webcam when you plug it into your computer.

If your clumsey and always seem to be dropping and breaking things then this is the camera for you. Who cares if you drop it, you can always catch it on the way up. If you ever need to see whats on your roof but can’t be bothered to climb up a ladder, just chuck this ball up to save you the hassle.

I like gadgets that have more than one purpose, and this is one of them. Practical and yet will be great for a laugh. You could get some really funny pictures at great angles. Would make a cool gift for any age group

There is major fun potential with this camera. No one will even know it’s a camera when your throwing it. Perfect for catching people out without them knowing. Trust me, this camera will bring out the rebl in you. Before you know you’ll be carrying this thing around with you like your life depends on it, you never know when you might need it.

The estimated street price is $69 but if you are wanting to buy one, your in a que im afraid. The developers are currently looking for capital to begin production. On their website they state that 3,857 people are interested in buying one, so get in line!