Wireless Garage Sentry

by Liam

Wireless Garage Sentry
This gadget would be very handy if you don’t like having to go and check your garage door at night to see if it’s open. The Wireless Garage Sentry tells you the status of your garage door from anywhere in your house!

It consists of a receiver and sensor/transmitter. The sensor works the same way that the sensors on most new garage doors do when they check if there is anything under the door. This sensor is aimed at the door, however, so it can detect whether or not it is open.

The receiver has a red and green light, with red meaning the door is open and green meaning the door is closed. It will also emit a beep when the door is being opened of closed. It can receive the status from 300 feet away so it could monitor the garage door in pretty much any size of house. You can also have up to 4 garage doors being monitored by a single receiver if you have more than one garage door.

It’s very easy to install as well. You simply set the battery-powered sensor into the inside of your garage door and then plug in the receiver anywhere within 300 feet of the sensor.

The Wireless Garage Sentry is available for $79.95 from Gizmo City.

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