Ride On (your suitcase)

Ride On

Kids and airports don’t mix. Your tired and you just want to sleep, your baby is crying because they are bored, meanwhile every one who passes you gets annoyed by the constant crying. If you are on your own traveling with a child, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t possibly be expected to carry your luggage and a buggy with a screaming baby. We all know the wheels on buggy’s never steer straight and you end up having to force it to go the way you want as well as pushing your luggage around.

As if a buggy and luggage isn’t enough to contend with, you have to fold the buggy up (while holding your child) and squash it into the over head lockers, meanwhile holding up everyone on the plane. It’s enough to put you off traveling with young children again.

If you have experienced this or know someone that does, assure them that there is an answer. Its called ‘Ride on Carry on’. An excellent way to get your luggage and child from A to B with minimal effort and only two hands are required.

It’s a chair designed for toddlers (up to 401bs) and it simply straps onto the back of your rolling luggage and folds easily to out in the over head compartment. It looks so simply, you wonder why it wasn’t invented years ago.

I think its worth paying $42.75. The chair is made from a 100% washable and durable fabric and can fit to all 18” to 22” carry on bags. It can be removed and installed easily within minutes.

You can see how this is going to be how toddlers travel in the future. So convenient and practical. I wouldn’t be surprised if mothers at the airport asked you where you got this contraption, no doubt they’ll want one too.

Available from Beach Comber.