Silent Light Phone Sensor

by Liam

Silent Light Phone Sensor
This would be a very handy gadget to have if you have a baby or otherwise want to keep a quiet house. The Silent Light Phone Sensor replaces your phone’s ringer with a soft yet easily noticeable blue LED light.

It’s very simple to install this gadget, it is simply hooked into your phone so you can be seeing your calls rather than hearing them in no time. When you receive a call it will light up with enough light for you to notice but not enough to be annoying. All four sides of the light are illuminated as well so you don’t need to worry about being on the wrong side of the room.

It’s also very easy to fit into wherever you need it as it is only 4″ tall. Included with the light is a 7 1/2 ft. phone cord so you could put it in the most visible location.

I think this gadget could save a lot of stress caused by crying children who were woken up from their naps.

This helpful gadget is available for $19.95 from One Step Ahead. If you want complete quite, you can also get the similar gadget that blocks door bell sounds and replaces them with light available here.

Found via TechEBlog

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