Propeller MP3 Speakers

by Liam

Propeller MP3 Speakers
I really like this gadget. It’s very handy and portable but gives you a good amount of musical power so you can share your music wherever you are! The Propeller MP3 Speakers are a trio of small speakers which easily plug directly into your MP3 player with no wires!

It’s a very compact system as it folds into a small tube and easily unfolds into a mini tripod of speakers. They’re also very easy to use, only requiring that you plug it in and switch it on.

Propeller MP3 Speakers
The Propeller MP3 Speakers run on just 1 AAA battery which is inserted into a battery case in the back of one of the speakers. Above the battery case is the switch to turn it on, so all the technical stuff is hidden. The battery can power the speakers for 10 hours of continuous playback so it would be great for trips of any kind.

The great thing is how small and easy it is to carry around. It measures just 32.2mm x 142.5mm (about 6″ long) so you can easily fit it in your pocket, backpack or wherever.

These neat little speakers cost just £14.95 and are available from The Gadget Store.

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