WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad

by Liam

WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad
If you’re an intense gamer and find yourself slowed down by the clunky old standard keyboard, then this keyboard might be for you. The WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad features all of the keys you would normally have control over with your left hand, as well as all the function keys and numeric keys.

Designed in a circular shape it provides you easy access to all keys. Also included at odd spots are the O, B and K keys, as well as +/= and -/_ to give you more options for keys. The three small grey buttons on the side are customisable also.

Because everything is circled around the base keys you would be using, W A S and D, you no longer have to stretch to the other side of the keyboard and probably end up hitting the wrong key anyway.

I’m not really much of a gamer, however if you like first person shooter games and want to make sure you’re ahead of the curve on everyone else, then the WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad could be just what you need.
WolfKing Warrior Game Keypad
Found via Extreme Tech

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