Ducti Duct Tape Wallet

by Randal

The Duct Tape Wallet in all its trendiness!

It was one of those mornings; after rushing around, helping the wife load the kids in her car and seeing them off I found myself late – again. I had to leave but as usual I couldn’t find my wallet, figuring it would just turn up later I went to work. Later that day my wife came by for lunch and as I watched her pull up to the curb from my second floor office I noticed a telltale black object. In my efforts to get the kids loaded I had placed my wallet on the roof of the car. Miraculously my wallet had stayed put up there all morning, and it wasn’t even made of duct tape. Now for people like me who regularly misplace their wallets the Ducti company has made a duct tape wallet. The wallet isn’t sticky but it’s so cool you will want to hang on to it.

Duct tape can do anything and solve nearly any problem. It has even been compared to the Force because it has a light side, a dark side and binds the universe together. The good folks at Ducti hand craft all their wallets out of industrial strength duct tape in a variety of styles complete with trendy names such as the Triplet, Roadtrip and Barhopper. The only problem is that my new Ducti wallet will be so cool that when I lose it I am sure the Good Samaritan who finds it will return all my money, credit cards and license but will keep the wallet.

Pick one up from Ducti


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