Home Control Assistant

by Liam

Home Control Assistant
This helpful bit of software isn’t exactly a gadget, but more of a gadget controller. The Home Control Assistant gives you the ability to control many devices in your home such as lighting and appliances through one easy to use application.

Very simply, the software communicates with items in your house that are plugged into receivers that are compatible with the software. The receivers are then plugged into a normal wall plug. The software requires your computer to be integrated with your home’s wiring, and thus can control any item that is attached to a receiver.

The following X10 receiving interfaces are compatible:

  • PowerLinc and PowerLinc USB
  • ActiveHome or CM11A
  • Magic Module
  • LynX-10 PLC
  • MR26 Wireless Interface
  • Rain8 2-Way X10 Sprinkler Controller

Also, the following X10 products with built in receivers are compatible:

  • SwitchLinc X10 Switches
  • LampLinc Lamp Modules
  • TempLinc Temperature Sensors
  • PC to IR Linc Controller
  • Leviton X10 Switches
  • PCS SmartSwitchesPCS SmartSwitches
  • Universal Power Bus (UPB) devices
  • RCS Thermostats
  • VantagePro Weather Stations
  • And dozens more

The Home Control Assistant allows you to control many aspects of your electronics such as timers, and levels for things like mood lighting. You can also set certain things to turn on or off depending on if anyone is home or not. You can even make up floor plans of your house to better control all of your connected electronics, as well as monitor their performance.

This amazing software as well as some compatible devices and receivers is available from Smart Home. Also available is a free 30 day trial of the Home Control Assistant.

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Richard Says: August 9, 2006 at 9:10 pm

Please Help!

I have been looking for something very basic and simple setup but don’t see any websites for it.

I would like to Install a wirless door bell to my computer.
When wirless door bell button is pushed, a message and sound will be heard and seen on my computer. I’m not looking for any video with the door bell. Just a wirless door bell and a unit that would plug into the computer. USB port.. ect.

Where could I find something this simple?

Very much thanks if you can help with this.


Liam Says: August 10, 2006 at 7:02 am

Sorry, I can’t say I’ve ever come across one of those. There are numerous wireless video doorbell gadgets, however I can’t find any that connect to a computer.

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