Motion-sensing Glow Stone

by Liam

Motion-sensing Glow Stone
I think this gadget would be really neat for outdoor gettogethers or providing unoffensive light where you need it. The Glow Stone by day looks like a normal stone lying in your yard, however by night it becomes a motion-sensing, glowing stone.

The Glow Stone is equipped with a motion sensor on one side of it which can detect motion within 12 feet so you have to make sure you have it pointing towards the most active area. It only will attempt to turn on when it is dark out, and only is activated for 15-30 seconds when it detects movement (unless of course there’s constant movement) so it is very energy efficient.

Motion-sensing Glow Stone
This glowing gadget is also very convenient to have because it requires no cables to be strewn across your lawn. The Glow Stone runs on four C batteries which makes it very easy to move around however you feel looks best.

I think it would be very neat to have these on small pathways or maybe even driveways to help you see at night. I could also see these scaring away burglars at night because I’m sure most people aren’t used to seeing rocks suddenly lighting up as they walk by!

The Glow Stone is available form Smart Home for $29.99.

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oguche ausa Says: April 1, 2011 at 11:11 pm

I need more sample reasons on using this stone

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