WIKE Wagalong pet carrying bike trailer

by Paz

Bicycle trailer for pets.

The team at coolestgadgets.com have already featured a few ways to terrorise your favourite dog or cat, including the Pet Spa – wash and blow dry which washes and blow dries your pet in a 30 minute cycle.

If that’s not enough to frighten your domesticated animals, here’s one more gadget that’s bound to test their nerves!

The Wike Wagalong pet trailer attaches to the back of your pushbike, so you can take your pet along with you when you go out for a ride.

Similarly to the Pet Spa, it comes down to this cat versus dog behaviour thing. I’m sure a cat would panic and tear its way out, but a dog would no doubt be blissfully happy being towed along.

Make sure you don’t try and use the trailer with our featured jet-powered bicycle though; as well as rocketing along at breakneck speed, it pumps out exhaust gases at a temperature of 770°C, which would no doubt make life  very uncomfortable for your loved one. 

The Wagalong trailer is made from lightweight aluminium, has a cushioned floor and is waterproof, so your pet should be comfortable enough. It comes in a two sizes. The smaller size is suitable for animals up to 30 pounds and the larger one can carry an astonishing 80 pounds; if you’re a strong enough cyclist to pull a dog that big along.

The Wagalong trailer is available from Pet Gadgets for $249. 

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