Turbo Fury Mini RC Plane

by Liam

Turbo Fury Mini RC Plane
Here’s a neat remote control gadget that’s fun and inexpensive. The Turbo Fury Mini RC Plane is designed for the less “hard-core” RC plane enthusiasts.

The plane is very light-weight weighing only 20 grams and is composed mostly of foam so crashes are very forgiving. This gadget is perfect for anyone considering picking up the RC plane hobby, but want to practice first, or it can just be for fun! The plane measures 23cm in length and has a wingspan of 22cm.

It is charged via the controller in just 20 minutes. One full charge lasts for about 10 minutes of flying time, much more than you would get for any other model in its class. The charger uses 6 AA batteries. The plane can be used inside or outside, however when using it outside you have to be careful of the wind because of its light-weight design.

To launch the Turbo Fury Mini the throttle lever must be at minimum and the control lever must be at neutral, then set the throttle to medium and throw it into the wind. When it gets going in the air set the throttle to maximum and when it is flying steadily, you can control its direction with the control lever.

Included in the package is the Turbo Fury Mini Plane (27 MHz), the remote control, the charger and aluminum stickers (you have to make your plane look good!). The package is available from Boys Stuff for just £24.95!

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mck Says: July 14, 2006 at 12:22 pm

Back in 4th grade I got one of these for my birthday, I lost it in a tree the first day. 😀

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