Mobile Masts in Airships


Airship MastEarlier this year in the UK there was a big palaver about mobile phone masts (or receivers, transmitters, what ever) being “hidden” in the signs of garage forecourts. I don’t think anything came of it, maybe ESSO lost a few pence off the share price though I’m sure they’ve made up for that and then some. A Swiss inventor has come up with a new idea that may make mobile masts a thing of the past…

The Answer could be HAPS, or to us lesser educated folks (myself included big time there) High Altitude Platform Systems. A HAP is basically (I seem to use that phrase a lot) an airship that does what a mast does but in an infinitely less intrusive fashion. In order to cover all of Europe only 30 ships would be required (must admit I find that a bit hard to believe) and they could even be used to carry radio, television and Internet signals.

Oh yeah, they’re obviously Eco friendly (solar powered) and don’t fry your brains (unless you’re in the capsule below), found first with thanks on Mad4 Mobile Phones, cheers Patrick.

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