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USB RC ControllerI’m not sure if this is cool or not. It’s a computer simulation of a remote control car with a realistic high end controller. The Controller connects via USB and is used to control the remote control car on screen.

It does look cool but I’m still left with the feeling that this type of simulation is overkill, I can understand racing games and flight sims as Mr Joe Public isn’t going to get a chance to race an F1 or fly a Tornado but a remote control car is within most peoples grasp and it’s not like there’s a risk of serious injury if you crash it.

Then again the more I look at this the more I want one, so ignore that previous rant :).

Found via Everything USB

RC Car

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  1. Possible explanation for the usefulness of such a product…there’s an RC plane/helo simulator called Real Flight. It’s very realistic (in an RC sense) and really great for learning the basics of RC flight without going out and wrecking that plane you just spent $300 and 40 hours building. Though it doesn’t seem quite as likely that you would completely wreck a car first time out, I can only assume that the principle is the same. Also, I’m sure that track time on a really nice track is a) scarce or b) costly or c) aota, so this would be good for practicing when you can’t for real.

    Love your site.

  2. a simulator is used for pratice, it is a valuable tool used in the industry…you can test different set-ups without actually costing you a race come race day…. this program also allows you to hone your driving skills…

  3. Al obviously does not do anything with rc cars. I’ve seen some serious injuries come from out of control monster trucks and 1/8 scale buggies. Imagine a buggy weighing a little over 7 lbs. moving at 42 mph and loses signal with the transmitter. Further more your eye hand coordination has to be better to race these buggies because you do not have an open sky, you are on a controlled track racing with others with spectators pit members and turn marshalls everywhere. The point is, practice. You can not win without practice.

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