The SpyPhone

by Liam

Nokia 6600

Want to keep tabs on your kids or just be a nosey friend? Then the SpyPhone may be for you!

The phone acts just like a regular cell phone, however it has a built in eavesdropping bug. The bug is activated remotely by dialing a special number, pre-programmed into the phone. When the number is called the phone doesn’t make any noise, and provides no way for the owner of the cell phone to know they’re being listened to. While the bug is activated, the phone appears to be in stand-by mode, however as soon as a button is pushed, the connection is dropped and the phone goes back to the normal active mode with no trace that anything had happened.

There is a large list of phones available with this embedded bugging technology which can be found at Although they claim that these phones are for more legit purposes like keeping track of children, I’m sure most of the people buying these phones have slightly different ideas in mind ;). Spying isn’t all that cheap though, with most phones costing over $1,000.

Found via GearLog

Nokia 6100 InterceptorSiemens C60

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Fred KANZO Says: November 18, 2006 at 7:01 am

Merci de bien vouloir m’informer sur tous les spy-phone qui existent, téléphones fixes ou cellulaires : documentation, sites et publicités, couvrant d’autres domaines.

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