The Kropserkel Horse Head Pillow

Horse head pillowI didn’t submit a coolest gadget post yesterday. Everywhere I looked I was gadget-blocked. Each “new” gadget I saw had already been posted or reviewed to death! There was only one place I could go, one man I could turn to – and I happened to know it was a special day for him.

As I approached the house I could see the revelers outside, it looked as though the entire family was enjoying the celebration. I made my way inside the house and to the antechamber where I paused and drew in a trembling breath, then threw open the massive wooden double doors. The room was dimly lit and I could barely make out the silhouette of the great man. I threw myself to my knees and kissed his first-run Parvus wearable wireless wrist computer.

“iPodfather, I have come to ask a favor.”

He waved a hand and his Marco Agnoli Sphere lamp filled the room with its soft diffuse light.

“You come to me, on the day of my only daughter’s first MySpace page publication and ask for a favor? After she worked so hard, taking the self portrait to place on her page where she looks mysterious and you cannot quite tell if she is fat or not.”

I carefully stepped around a Sony Aibo and a couple of Robosapien version 2 RS Media editions that littered the floor.

“I need to let them know iPodfather,” I said “they must give me a chance – can you help me?”

“Take this,” he said, removing the Kropserkel stuffed plush severed horse’s head from behind his desk. “This will send them a warning that maybe they should get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe they should spend some time talking with their loved ones instead of typing in “gadget” to google news and pressing refresh every fifteen seconds.”

“Thank you iPodfather, thank you.”

Kropserkel Horse Head Pillow