Camera phone diet sheet

by Paz

Cell phone camera diet advice

Apparently this was an old story, that’s resurfaced via Med Gadget. I missed the original and perhaps many of you did too.

Sprint are offering a service via MyFodPhone whereby you snap a picture of your meal with your cell phone gadget and send it off with an email to a central repository for analysis by a trained dietician.

In the email you can add details of your meals, your weight and blood pressure, and any other information that might be relevant to your diet. Once a fortnight, you receive a 90 second video from the dietician of how you are doing with recommendations for the next two weeks.

The service costs $10 a month, which isn’t bad for the attentions of a personal nutritionist. The weight-loss industry is certainly big business, with 71 million people dieting in the US during 2004, spending a reported $46 billion to help them diet.

It is big money and I’m thinking of setting up a website where people can download pictures of healthy looking salads. The idea is they can send them off to their dietician so he or she is happy, and then sit down with a clear conscience to a plate of steak and chips!

Found via Med Gadget.

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