PC induction-cooled case mod

by Paz

PC induction cooled case mod

I really want one of these case mods! I’m really not interested in over-clocking gadgets; my PC’s fast enough, but it looks too plain. I’d be very happy to have one of these boy racer mods though.

The gizmo on the side is a turbocharger from a 1990’s Mitsubishi Eclipse. I guess the idea is that using a turbo stream of air to cool your PC, you can run it a little faster, but even the people who designed the mod are a little sceptical about that.

The turbo runs at 3500 rpm which is almost like it’s on idle when you think that a typical turbocharger will peak at around 100,000 rpm or higher. However, this one’s not water-cooled, because as the designers acknowledge, the project’s “…already ridiculous enough!”

I’m not sure about the noise that it might make, but I think I could stand it.

There’s a cool gallery with photos of how the case mod project was constructed here.  Found via TechEblog.

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