Desktop Battle Tanks


Micro TanksRemember the old 2 player console game Tanks where you had to navigate your blocky tank around walls and blast your opponent before they got you in their sights. This toy is just like that but instead of playing it on your retro console you play it on your desk.

You’ll need a friend to play with unless you’re ambidextrous and left and right don’t really get on. One of you controls the Tiger Tank whilst the other a Russian model. Features of the toy include:

  • Allows up to 2 players at the same time with 2 different IDs
  • Interactive infrared-based battles
  • Multi-directional movement and pivot rotation
  • Life count system with hit reaction
  • Shooting action
  • Slope climbing ability
  • Movement trimming function
  • Charges for three minutes and can play for 10 minutes
  • Forward Running calibration

Who says toys are just for kids (not us that’s for sure), let battle commence.

Available from Boys Stuff, thanks to another gadget site Techno Freak for the pointer.

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