Personal Computer Robots

by Randal

PC Robot

White Box Robotics is gearing up for their first production run of
“personal computer robots.” They have neatly sidestepped the inevitable
question associated with home robots. No matter how cute the gyrations
or how engaging the “blips” and “bleeps” comes that dreaded pause, and

“So, what does it do?”

Ah, the bane of personal robot creators everywhere! Much like the
original personal computers of the early 80’s, personal robots of today
are in search of a job – that special thing which they do best, that
certain something which makes everyone go all starry-eyed and insist
that they simply cannot live without, in short – the “Killer
Application.” The internet and email provided the killer application for
personal computers and is probably the reason why your grandmother calls
you incessantly about problems connecting with AOL.

White Box Robotics has thrown this question right out the window by
putting a PC on wheels and providing it with a bit of personality and
autonomy. Dressed up in a cool exterior reminiscent of R2D2 or a legless
Huey, Dewey and Louie from “Silent Running” the White Box 914 PC-Bot
stands ready to send your email, surf the net or wander about the house
and scare the cat. Just plug in a keyboard and monitor and you possibly
have the coolest laptop or “floor top” computer ever. Replete with
infra-red sensors, camera eye and a host of other options, including
software that makes it easy to bring your companion to life whether you
are a Microsoft faithful or hard-core Linux apostle. The White Box
Personal robot series may finally break through the killer application
barrier. We’ll know for sure when grandma starts calling to ask how the
robot can get along with the cats.

Available online and more info at Whitebox Robotics.

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