Bottom Reformulator cushion

The Bottom Reformulator cushion

There’s too much pressure on women to have a nice-shaped bum, whatever “niced-shaped” might be. Many women will diet, exercise, or even undergo plastic surgery. Now there’s an alternative solution to have a bottom shaped like Jennifer Lopez, by just sitting down.

 The curiously named Bottom Reformulator cushion was developed by plastic surgeons in Taiwan to help shape the gluteus maximus making them look toned and firm. The cushion is made of memory foam, and it’s claimed that your own body weight can act to reshape your posterior when you sit on it. It’s claimed you’ll see a difference after 90 days. The product page claims that; “It’s been vigorously tested and is proven to work.”

They must be fairly confident, because they are offering a full refund if you’re not satisfied. I must admit I’m a little sceptical though…..

The Bottom Reformulator is available from Think Awesome for $30.