Solar Vent

Solar VentingWe wrote about solar powered ventilation for the car a little while ago, now it’s the houses turn with the Solarventi: The Green Dehumidifier.

It’s free to run and a good solution for rooms or houses that get a bit stuffy, SolarVenti UK say

SolarVenti is the most exciting, logical ‘green’ solution to problems of dampness and humidity in confined spaces. We recognise these problems by the stale and musty atmosphere. SolarVenti eradicates those symptoms and the running cost is ZERO! Using only the power of the sun it ventilates, warms and dehumidifies holiday cottages, summer houses, static caravans, cellars, attics, boats, houses and kitchen areas. On a large scale it can improve the environment in hospitals, care homes for the elderly, industrial storage areas and any unhealthy and stuffy space where windows are rarely opened and smells accumulate. What’s more, our products are free to run as they are solar powered.

Further info on the SolarVenti site found via Red Ferret.