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by Paz

Locust folding bike

I love the look of this unusual and very distinctive foldaway pushbike from Yanko design.

Nicknamed the Locust, it looks more like a Transformer than a pushbike.

 The rear wheel is driven by a rubber belt rather than a chain, which probably helps avoid getting oil and grease on your trouser legs. The gears are mounted in the hub of the rear wheel. It doesn’t say how many gears there are, but the Shimano Nexus system is mentioned implicitly, so I’m guessing it’s 7. But again, using an internal system is another low maintenance solution that avoids oil and grime.

The last vital bit of information; the brakes. The bike is fitted with a disc brake on the front wheel, and at the back there is a more conventional clam-type braking system. I’m not sure if this is a real product or a design concept, though the fact that they seem to have thought of everything except the price suggests the latter.

My only quibble would be the colour. They’ve for green and yellow as a safety feature, but I’d think it would look much better in some sort of silver, gun metal combination, but otherwise it’s pretty cool.

The Locust Folding bike from Yanko Design.

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