Stylish propellor fan

by Paz

Swiss designed propellor fanPropellor fan (animated pic)









If the Japanese make the wackiest gadgets, this cool-looking fan from Switzerland perhaps shows that Swiss still make the best engineering gadgets; certainly in terms of function and looks.

This stylish looking propellor fan would look good in any office, or design studio even. I honestly can’t figure out if it’s retro or futuristic, but it does look great; I’m sure you’ll agree.

Apparently in another feat of Swiss engineering, this fan is pretty powerful, but manages to be low noise at the same time. I’m sure they must use slightly more expensive, radial bearings to keep the noise down, which is important if you are working and have the fan mounted on your desk.

The fan is sized 51H x 43W x 15D cm and runs at three speeds, the fastest of which can move just under 1m3 of air a second, which is pretty fast and more than enough for those hot, sticky evenings. And when the weather starts to cool, it looks great as a desk ornament anyway!

The Propellor Fan costs £70 from I Want One of Those.

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