Automatic Car Jack

Auto Car Jack

Last week we reported on the tyre condom and sung it’s praises in how it would keep you and your clothes clean when changing a tyre. However it doesn’t stop you sweating when jacking up the car or struggling with a ridiculously tight wheel nut, which is where this next gadget comes in.

Computers have USB ports to power stuff whilst cars have the very useful cigarette lighter. The automatic easy car-jack utilises this power source to save you having to exert any energy.

It comes complete with an electric nut remover and an electric jack, so the only bit of physical labour you need to do is getting the spare out the boot (or trunk to some). I just hope it doesn’t drain the battery too much forcing you to push start the car which would really defeat the objective.

The Automatic Easy Car-Jack is available from Gadget Universe for $129.95.

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  1. favor indicar si a este precio del electric car jakc cuanto subiría si lo manda para quito ecuador

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