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Hide IR Reciever

My living room is full of electrical equipment, the mandatory wide-screen, DVD player, PS2, cable TV box, PC, etc. Many of essential devices are controlled via remote, which causes a bit of a problem when it’s behind a cabinet door.

I often find when I’m watching a DVD I need to open the glass door on my TV cabinet for the remote to work, either that or wave it frantically above my head. This latest gadget from Smart Home could put a fix to that.

The Hidden IR System routes signals into closets & AV cabinets, this means you have one near invisible infra-red receiver that you point your remotes at which will then transmit the signal to your devices which can be tucked away out of view.

It’s a good idea if you like to hide your technology (not that I do) but does come at a bit of a cost, it’s currently on Hot Deal at Smart Home for $89.99.

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Eddiebee Says: July 2, 2006 at 1:05 pm

I’ve been using this system for a few years, it works great. Only thing is that you have to stick the tictac-sized IR transmitters on the front of each component that you want to control.

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