First Schwag Bag


Schwag Bag

I signed up with Valley Schwag last month and have been patiently waiting for my schwag parcel since then. I’m pleased to report it turned up the other day

The appearance of the shwag parcel was excellent, it reminded me of a ration pack from a prisoner of war camp (not sure why though). But appearances are one thing what I really cared about is what’s inside.

Inside the schwag bag was:

  • Ruby on Rails T-Shirt
  • 6 sets of stickers
  • A set of Perplex City cards

Overall I think I got what I paid for, an average T-Shirt, some cards that would of cost me a few quid and a collection of stickers that my daughter pounced on. I’ll keep the subscription going for now and see what next month brings.

[Valley Shwag follow up to this post

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