Vampire Slayer Act passed in California

by Paz

Californian legislators have approved the Vampire Slayer Act!

 The unlikely name isn’t anything to do with Buffy’s campus activities, rather than an Act forcing gadget manufacturers to label devices showing how much energy they consume when on standby. We’ve already discussed the millions of tonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere by gadgets on standby, and it seems the Californian lawmakers have listened to the team!! 

For those who don’t appreciate or believe the effects of CO2 release on the Earth’s environment, supporters of the Bill claim that consumers in California will waste $200 per annum due to devices on standby.

You’d be surprised at how much electrical energy devices such as toothbrushes, laptop and cell phone chargers, cable boxes etc. use when left in standby mode, but amongst the worst offenders are monitors and computers, which can draw significant current even if they are switched off!

Because the Act if passed will force manufactures to label electrical devices with a standby rating, it’s hoped that awareness will increase and that in the future manufacturers of electronic goods will pay more attention to standby usage, perhaps by designing smarter gadgets.

Naturally, vested interests play a roll, and manufacturers have also complained that the labelling of California-only electrical goods causes them logistical problems and extra expenses.

Surprisingly though, the Energy Commission is neutral on the Bill.

Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t taken a position on the Bill at this time.

Found via Daily Tech.

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