Motorised head massager

Motorised head massager

It’s amazing how 21st century Italian design, and Japanese engineering can combine to produce something that wouldn’t look out of place in a 15th century Spanish inquisition chamber.

 The motorised, head gadget uses acupressure to massage the scalp, stimulating blood flow, which helps to relieve stress. The manufacturers claim that wearing the device is like having thousands of tiny fingers massaging your scalp to relax away your problems, but I’m more cautious – it looks like it could hurt….

The patented helmet is claimed to be suitable for any age and can run off rechargeable batteries; so you could even wear it on the train or bus to work. I’m not sure what your fellow passengers would make of this gadget, but it’s likely that you’d get a bit more personal space than normal, which of course would have a relaxing effect of its own!

Coming in at a cool $50, I’m curious, I have to say.

The Motorised Head Massager from Brand on Sale.

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I became very interested on this Motorised Head Massager. I’ve noticed that the price is $50 what? Dollar, Euro, Pounds… what? Where can I buy it? Can you tell me who is the producer and his website to get to know it better?

    Awaiting for your soonest reply,

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