CD Carousel Plus with USB support

by Paz

CD carousel with USB support

This CD carousel is a real find for me. Being a music as well as a gadget lover, I have about 600 audio CDs. As you can imagine, organising them is somewhat problematic.

Very often, I’ll spend a few minutes looking for a Doors album, say, and find a Chemical Brothers CD I haven’t played for a while and listen to that instead. What a difference having one of these CD organisers could make.

It has a built in keypad that you can use to select one of up to 150 CDs (or DVDs). But even better though, you can hook it up to your computer using the USB port. The unit comes with software that runs on a PC or MAC that allows you to select a favourite CD from your own database.

You can also “daisy chain” or connect multiple units together up to a maximum of 127.

It also comes with a lock and key you can use to shut out unwanted guests from the unit.

The deluxe model here costs $140, but there is a cheaper version available in white for $100. That’s not too expensive I guess, and it could certainly make managing your music, DVD or software collection a lot easier.

The only thing is that during my time-wasting searches, I often find little gems I’d forgotten about, and I’d miss that randomness if it wasn’t somehow incorporated into the software.

The CD Carousel Plus is available from X-treme Geek.

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Martin Says: June 10, 2006 at 6:42 pm

I’ve got a beige version of the deluxe model, there was no black when I got mine :-(. Yes, it is a fun product and indeed does prove to be very useful. Keeps me from stepping on cd cases and such. However, the locking feature is pretty gimmicky; the door can be forced open. And the software is pretty clunky (unless there is a newer version out that I haven’t seen) However, I am still very pleased with it.

Diego Belini Says: August 3, 2006 at 7:37 am

Estou muito intereçado porem tenho algumas duvidas…. da pra ler mais de um Cd ao mesmo tempo ?
Como ele se comporta no Windows… ele monta um drive pra cada Cd?

Me explique como funciona pq preciso de algo parecido …

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