A couple of football gadgets

by Paz

anthemball1.jpgWe’ve a few more football gadgets for you. Apologies perhaps to our US visitors and people who aren’t keen on football, but we hope you can bear with us for the next four or five weeks….

The BottleSpyThe first gadget on the left’s sweet. The Anthem Ball plays the national anthem of 25 different teams taking part in the World Cup. I don’t know what the Saudi Arabian national anthem sounds like for example (I’m not even sure if they qualified) but when you press on the Saudi flag it launches into their national anthem – the problem is I don’t know what their flag looks either!

I’m not sure about the next gadget. It’s a bottle opener with a twist! It’s called the BottleSpy, from the Gadget Store. Every time you open a beer bottle the LCD display increments, so you can keep a running score of the number of bottles you’ve drunk.

I’ve filed it under football gadgets, of course, but for those of you who don’t follow football and don’t understand why I should explain that the forthcoming football fest starts early with a barbeque and a few beers before the first game of the afternoon. There are three games a day and it’s quite easy to lose track of the number of bottles consumed during the course of the day, but with the BottleSpy you can faithfully track each bottle opened! Next morning when you’re perhaps feeling a little “under the weather”, you can check the number of bottles opened and act accordingly!!

Found via gizmodo.de who I’ve no doubt be opening a few bottle themselves over the next few weeks.

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