Build your own iPod Boom Box


DIY Boom Box

What ever happened to the old Boom Box, that annoying stereo that was carried around on idiots peoples shoulders and blasted out so called music at ear damaging decibels. I’m pleased to say I’ve not seen one (and more importantly heard one) in years but that could be about to change!

If you want to relive those annoying days and have an old dusty boom box in your garage but no dodgy cassettes to play in it then help is hand. PCMag have released a long and detailed DIY tutorial on how to integrate you iPod with an old boom box.

Somebody has certainly done a lot of research into this and if you have a load of time on your hands with nothing better to do it should be fairly easy to follow and educational too. If you do make one please do not walk strut around with it anyway near me. Read more over at PC Mag.

iPod Cassette for Boom Box

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