We are Giving Away England Flags

England Flag
Our friends over at The Gadget Store have noticed we have a small affection for the beautiful game (football to those that don’t know what I’m talking about) and have kindly donated a box full of England flags to give away to our readers.

So if you want a free St. Georges flag (3ft x 5ft or a car flag) leave a comment to this post saying what you like about gadgets and football. Make sure your leave a real email address (which we will never ever share) so that we can get a physical address to send the flag to. All flags will be given out on a first come first served basis.

England Car Flag
Thanks again to The Gadget Store for this cool freebie.

47 thoughts on “We are Giving Away England Flags”

  1. I’m rooting for England this World Cup.
    Send me one, please. 🙂

    Gadgets are part of my life; latest addition was the iPod Video. Football has always been my fave since I was a young boy and the English Premier League is all I watch.

  2. Hi, love the site, you have some really cool gadgets there.

    I am a big England fan and I am really looking forward to England winning the world cup in Germany. I would love an England flag, I am living in France at the moment and I think my french neighbours would love to see a 3 foot St Georges flag flying outside my house 🙂


  3. Just discovered this site 2 weeks, it great. It feeds my gadget addiction whenever i feel low. Keep up the great work.

    Can’t wait until Saturday 10th June.

    I’m with stewart, my scottish neighbours are going to love me with a 3ft x 5ft flag hanging outside my appartment window!!

  4. I have everything I could ever want in life…a girlfriend, a degree, a job, a vw golf, a flag…erm, No Wait! I meant bag not flag. i don’t have one, honest!!!

    Please give me a flag!

    Oh and I’m a gadget friend who visit’s your site everyday! (well every working day anyway = )

  5. Soccer and gadgets, neither of which I could afford to be without. Go Frankfurt and Coolest Gadgets!!

  6. While not always living on the cutting edge, it’s nice to know what’s on it! I visit your site several times daily to see what the newest and coolest (and sometimes wierdest) gadgets are. I also recently have gotten into the football scene and would love one of these flags to display proudly in my apartment (gotta cover up those bare walls). What a fantastic promotion, and a huge thank you to the great people at the Gadget Store!

  7. Wehey Free England Flag 😀

    Ok ill take on please, Come on England.

    oh btw its me joker_joe from HM 😀

  8. Yeah! A big thanks to the gadget store; but naturally it won’t affect our editorial independence 🙂

  9. I would just like to know what happens when I put an England Flag outside my window here in Hamburg. btw I will also be following the WC with my DVB-T reciever.

  10. I’ve emailed everybody above this imaginery line. I’ve still got a fair few more to giveaway so feel free to add a comment.

    I may not be able to send flags to too many people outside of the UK or this free giveaway will start costing me more money than I bargained for (but I’ll do my best).

  11. Hey Al, I understand if you can’t send it over here, but I’d love one. No worries if you can’t, Glad to see the World Cup Spirit 🙂

  12. what i like about gadgets and football?
    it gives me sometihng to talk about and its something that people will listen to.
    hahahaha, sounds like i need some attention

  13. I am actually just getting into the game. A late bloomer, if you will. I cannot think of a better way to show some support, than hanging a flag high.

  14. As much as I love a good day on the pitch, unless we start inviting beings from other “worlds”, we should stop calling it the World Cup and start calling it the Earth Cup.

    (I say this only because I hear a similar arguement when it comes to Major League Baseball’s “World Series”.)

    Other than that… GO ENGLAND!

  15. Will be rooting for Jolly ole England in World Cup, so send me a flag here to Florida…

    SFOD_D223 from “DP”

  16. cool.
    my best friend is from england and a few days ago he emailed me some pictures of his 1yr old son in an English soccer uniform.
    a flag would be a wonderful gift to top it off.
    thanks if there are any left.


  17. Hey, man!!!
    I really love crazy gadgets and football… well… let me say where I’m from… Brazil! The one that will win this World Cup!

    By the way… I really like the England team too and I think the English flag is one of the most beautiful flags in the world.
    I would like to win a 3×5 flag!

    See ya in the W. Cup!!!!!


    Information Release

    There is concern over the current driving standards in England, so the Department of Transport have devised a scheme to identify poor and dangerous drivers.

    This system will allow all road users to recognise the potentially hazardous and dangerous ones, or those with limited driving and mental skills. From the middle of May 2006 all those drivers who are found to be a potential hazard to all other road users will be issued with a white flag, bearing a red cross. This flag clearly indicates their inability to drive properly. These flags must be clipped to a door of the car and be visible to all other drivers and pedestrians. Those drivers who have shown particularly poor driving and mental skills will have to display two flags: One on each side of the car to indicate an even greater lack of skill and limited intelligence. Please circulate this to as many other motorists as you can, in order that drivers and pedestrians will be aware of the meaning of these flags.
    Thank you for your co-operation.
    Department of Transport.


  19. Look what is better than gadgets and football? I may be a Yank but football rocks and not American football either. Gadgets and sports what more can you say LARGE LCD SCREENS! Oh, and beer.

  20. Gadgets are a part of my life. I work for the world’s largest technology company.
    For our first trip overseas after our honeymoon, we chose England. World Cup 2006 is going to be the best yet, with both the US and the mother country in the quarters. Please send me a flag!

  21. There’s nothing better than sitting down and watching your home team playing on a brand new HDTV.

    England all the way!

  22. SageTech, seeing as though South Africa did not even qualify for the World Cup, I am planning to support the English – Yeah, even though it took a loooong time to gain our independence, this year I will be singing God save the Queen!

    A St George’s Cross would just complete the picture nicely… that is, IF you decide to ship one to South Africa.

    (It requires a hosting country qualification for Bafana-Bafana (The South African soccer squad) to get to the World Cup, it seems!)

  23. I think I’ve emailed everybody above this post requesting an addresss. I am starting to run out now but hopefully there will be enough for everyone so far.

  24. im supportin england as always, CUM ON ENGLAND!!!

    I luv gadgets cuz they r cool and i luv all the technical stuff!!!

  25. My fiance sides with England and this flag would really make his day! Thanks and goodluck England!

  26. And there was me making jokes: DVLA – From 1st of June crap drivers are advised to display a union jack on their car.

  27. Come on England – 40 yrs since we last did it. Cant wait to be watching the cup on my nice new HDTV in Hi-Def!!!


  28. Come on England this is our time! We need Gerrard to be at his best! Love the gadgets especially the clock t-shirt.

  29. Gadgets RULE! But then again, so does England, so I’d love a 3×5 flag! Who doesn’t love gadgets though? We use em damn near everyday…I know I’m always using my ipod

  30. All flags have now been sent
    Sorry to everybody that missed out there was a bit more demand than I was expecting.

  31. i want a free flag and i think i desvre one cos im just england mad on my last day of skool im goin in a england wig my shirt and i need a flag to wrap around my shouldders
    and im glad rooney will be playing cos we need him p.s did i say i loved footie

  32. This is great opportunity of rooting for a great team, getting something nice back and having fun browsing through your site.


  33. I grew up playing the game of soccer and cannot go a day with out catching the daily highlights…

    As for gadgets, who does love things that make you life easier and more fun..

    Send me a flag!! PLEASSEE

  34. England Forever!

    Hope our talismanic Gerrard puts a few in from outside the 18′. How can you not love football? It’s the beautiful game.

    Electronic gadgets although a heavy hitter of the average wallet, serves to satiate the male ego and keeps us sane.

    Pleeasse send me the flag so I can hang it ouside of my house!

  35. I am a huge fan of the England team and I hope that they finally get the World cup for this year! It would be the most beautiful game I would be looking forward to! Please, please, please send me a flag! I’ve been trying to look for flags so I can wave it around my block. I am OBSESSED!

    Please send me one!

    Thank you so much!

  36. hia, plzzzz cn ya send one of those masive england flags i’m dying for 1! i went into school with an england flag shaved into my head and got nailed! oh well i love england and were gonna bring the cuppa’ home!!!


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