Help Prevent RSS with a Vibrating Mouse


Hoverstop vibrating mouse

Us techies may not get many sport injuries but one thing we can suffer from if not careful is RSS (that’s Repetitive Strain Syndrome rather than Really Rich Syndication).

I’m not an expert on repetitive strain syndrome but in layman’s terms it’s caused by repeating the same movements over and over again (check out Wikipedia for a more in depth description) and holding onto a mouse for long periods of time can’t help, which is where this gadget mouse comes in.

The Hoverstop Mouse functions like any ordinary mouse, even though it hasn’t got all bells and whistles I’m accustomed to it does have an extra pretty unique function, it vibrates when neglected.

Okay it’s not really neglect that causes the vibration, but if you don’t move the mouse for 10 seconds it vibrates to warn you to remove your hand thus resting your arm and shoulder with the aim of preventing repetitive strain syndrome.

I’ve no idea how effective this will be as an RSS prevention (could do with a guinea pig to test the mouse) but if you fancy giving it a go you can buy the Hoverstop Mouse from Think Geek and please let us know how you get on.

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