Cables for all Occasions

Cables and more cables

Just because your latest laptop comes fully equipped with wifi, blue tooth and infra-red, it does not mean wires are a thing of the past (and I doubt they ever will be). Connecting different devices together can be just as tricky with wires (different connectors) as it wirelessly (driver headaches spring to mind). This case of gadget connectors could make plugs and sockets that don’t fit a thing of the past.

The travel easy cable bag comes complete with more cables and connectors than the techno geek’s home entertainment system. So next time a family member asks you to download some photos or backup their 2 PC’s you’ll probably have the correct cable at hand. The kit includes connectors and cables for USB, RJ11, RJ45, 1394, PS/2 and a load more besides.

You can get the Travel Easy Cable Bag from The Gadget Store, it’s one of thoses things you don’t know you need until you actually need it.