Free DIY Camera Kit


Make you own CameraI was a bit slow reporting on this as a ton of other sites (whom I’ll mention later) beat me to it but this is too cool not to write about.

I enjoy making things, in my (soon to be ex) day job I make financial software (yawn) whilst after hours I create websites (like this) and make all sorts of crazy stuff with my daughter. Anyway onto this post, I’ve just come across a free download of full color plans to make your own pin hole camera.

Once fully made the cardboard camera looks just like a real camera and can be used to take actual pinhole photographs. This has got weekend father and daughter mess making weekend written all over it :).

Plans and full instructions available from linatree, found first on Strange New Products, Random Good Stuff, Life Hacker, Snowball, and probably lots of other sites (I did say I was slow off the mark on this one).

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