Finding Lost Golf Balls the Gadget Way


Golf ball finding glasses
Thanks to the automatic golf tee you can now lose your balls (golf) twice as quickly as you could before, so what you need is another golf gadget to help you find them just as quick and here it is, the Golf-Ball Finding Glasses.

The glasses are actually quite ingenious, they work by filtering out dark colors thus emphasising light ones, meaning your golf balls will stand out as if they’re lit up. As the following before and after photos show:

Spot the golf balls
Find the golf balls without the glasses

Easy to see golf balls
Whilst wearing the glasses the balls are much easier to spot.

So if all you golf balls are a light color and you find the rough a bit too often for your liking you can buy the golf ball finding glasses here for just under $40 (and have more time for the practise you obviously need :)).

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